Axewa is active in the cable and electrical power utilities market in Central and Eastern market through sole distribution of companies like AlphaGary (Megolon–SmokeGuard), Alroc, Condat, Polifibra, Scapa Cable Solution…
Axewa covers a large territory from Poland to Russia including Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and also Baltic countries former Yugoslavia and other CIS countries.

The Axewa product range includes raw materials (copper, brass, aluminum, steel…), semi-finished and finished materials for cable production : compounds (PVC, halogen-free HFFR, thermoplastic elastomers TPE, XLPE, silicone, ethylene propylene rubber…) colour masterbatches (PE, PVC, EVA), cable wrapping tapes (PTFE, MICA, water-swellable, semi conducting, insulation, Al/PET, Cu/PET, Flame retardant, silicon…), yarns (aramid, binder, identification, ripcord), lubricants for tubes and wires (soap, oils, pastes, emulsions…), components for cable joints (special and PVC tape, resin, mastic, insulation and semi-conductor tapes…), tools for preparation of cables and safety devices for utilities.
AXEWA also proposes the products for different industries like automotive, aerospace, railway, construction, electrical, oil and gas etc.
The Axewa product range for these types of industry includes tapes, film technique, adhesives (self-amalgamating, double sided and single sided tapes, compressible foam, PVC foam, PE, mastic, masking tapes, sealing putties, resins, heat shrink tapes, aluminium foil tapes, varnished cloth, coated cloth, laminated cloth, glass-cloth, cotton cloth…), tubes, sheathes, preformed parts for the automotive and aerospace industries and other special products. AXEWA represents the companies such as 3P, Sacred, Scapa Industry etc.
Axewa offer is completed and updated on a regular basis to satisfy customers demand and to give the best expertise.